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Milk 2%

This Guide will help you build your Milk2% macropad kit.


0 - What you need

  • Solder Iron
  • Solder wire
  • Soldering skills
  • A computer in order to flash the firmware (MacOS, Windows, Linux)

1 - Solder pin headers to the pcb


Make sure to solder the ehaders in the right side of the PCB as shown.


2 - Insert switches and solder switch pins

Insert the switches in the macropad, carefully in the right orientation as shown, position the PCB in the Milk case in the right side with headers facing up and with the label This side up and towards port facing the USB hole of the case.


Now Solder the switches' pins


3 - Solder the microcontroller


Make sure of which microcontroller you are using, this tutorial shows a Promicro32u4 and Helios RP2040, follow the right part!

3.1 ProMicro ATMel32u4

Position the microcontroller facing up (with the chip showing up), solder the needed pins.


3.2 Helios RP2040

Position the microcontroller facing up (with the chip showing up), check the photo for the pin position as the Helios has an extra row of pins.


4 - Flash the firmware on your microcontroller

Like step 3, this one too has 2 different paths depending on the microcontroller you have.

4.1 - ATMel32u4

Flash your firmware with QMK blablablabla... link firmware

4.2 - RP2040

Connect the RP2040 to your computer, it should show up as a RaspberryPi memory drive.

Copy ZanniKB's ARM Firmware available from HERE in the root memory off the RP2040.

Your microcontroller will automatically reboot after the file has finished transferring.

5 - Configure your macropad

Using VIA you can now set custom macros or keys to your macropad.